About Us – Lascells & Pamela, Brother and Sister Team

Lascells & Pamela, brother and sister team who has come together after over twenty years in the tourism industry both in hotels and in the cruise employment, are now finding pleasure in making people happy, by showing off the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica. This is one of the many ways in which we choose to make a lasting impression on our visitors.

Born to George and Edith in the parish of Saint Ann – the birthplace of Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Robert ‘Bob” Nesta Marley, two of the world’s most famous persons, we grew up exploring our rural village caves, rain forest and farmlands. We started schools in the remote village of Aboukir where Harry Belafonte grew up as a child we later went on to high schools and colleges away from home. Our destiny in tours and travel began much earlier than we thought, as we did every little odd errands (including picking coffee beans) to save for our school’s annual excursion into varying parts of the island.


Here we began to appreciate the beautiful landscape of our 80% mountainous island and truly believe we should share it with those who have no idea how beautiful our island home is!


Living in Ocho Rios, the tourism centre of the island for the past twenty-six years, it has become a pleasure to take our visitors through the curves and turns of Fern Gully, over the cool hills of Walker’s Wood and into the scenic plains of Jamaica, whether we go East, West, South or stay on the North coast.