Contact Information – Airline to Jamaica

Travelers should contact airlines directly at the telephone numbers or websites below.  Travelers who booked their travel to Jamaica through travel agents in there countries may want to contact their travel agents for assistance in obtaining new flight reservations.

Air Jamaica:
From U.S.  1-800-523-5585
From Jamaica  1-888-359-2475

American Airlines:
From U.S.  1-800-433-7300
From Jamaica  1-800-744-0006

Continental Airlines:
From U.S.  1-800-523-3273
From Jamaica  1-800-231-0856

United Airlines:
From U.S.  1-800-864-8331

Spirit Air:
From Jamaica  1-800-772-7117

US Airways:
From U.S.  1-800-428-4322

Air Canada:
From U.S. and Canada  1-888-247-2222
From Jamaica  876-924-8211

Northwest Airlines:
From U.S. and Jamaica  1-800-225-2525

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