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Come and Discover the South Coast of Jamaica with our Appleton Estate Tour!
When cane juice is boiled under vacuum, sugar crystals are formed and separated from the residual molasses. Widely used as food for the poor and cattle feed by the rich, it was only a matter of time before the intoxicating properties of molasses were discovered. This sucrose-rich brown syrup mixed with water eventually ferments and becomes diluted alcohol. When distilled, this 'crude liquor' appeared to engender such loutishness by whoever drank it that it became known as 'Kill Devil'.
How Rum Got His Name:
The raw fiery alcohol, Kill Devil, was said to 'light a blaze' and provoke unruly rumbustious behaviour. Although riot and mayhem are no longer part of the rum experience, the spirit's vibrant origins seem enshrined within the very name 'rum'.
Experts fail to agree on the origin of the word. However, various romantics propose that the name 'rum' is derived from the rumbullion, rumpus and rumbustion that were essential parts of the drinking experience.
This tour is available to Cruise Ship Passengers from Falmouth and Montego Bay only
From Ocho Rios this tour is available to hotel guest only.

More information about this tour
What to Take on this Tour
(1) Camera
(2) Sunscreen
(3) Cash for shopping/ Tips Etc.
This tour can be customize and mix with other attractions such as Mahogany Beach, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, lunch
What to know about this Tour
(1) Payment: Deposit payment made online for reservation/ Balance payment on arrival.
(2) Tours take place Rain or shine with your safety
(3) Admissions Fees included in the cost given
(3) Bus picks up from your Hotel
Duration: approx 6 hours
Shopping (optional)
We offer shopping from Duty Free shops and Craft market
Stops for lunch from one of Jamaican authentic Jerk stop

Tour Prices from Ocho Rios
minimum 6 Persons for booking

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