Jamaica Departure Tax Entry & Regulations

When you arrive in Jamaica, you’ll be required to present a few documents before you may start exploring the island, including an onward or return ticket and a valid passport.
Citizens of the United States and Canada are required to submit proof of citizenship, such as a government-issued photo ID. A passport is strongly recommended, however, particularly for U.S. residents, who will need to show a valid passport in order to re-enter the country after their stay in Jamaica or elsewhere in the Caribbean. This requirement applies to all travelers entering or re-entering the U.S. so international visitors are advised to bring a passport, even if it is not needed to enter Jamaica.
After all travelers, items are checked, officials in Jamaica will issue you a tourist card valid for six months for $27(USD). When leaving the island, tourists must return the tourist cards and pay a departure tax of $27(USD) in cash. Since some airlines include the departure tax in the price of the ticket, look over what your airfare includes to determine if you can spend that last $27(USD) on a souvenir or if the money will be used toward getting you home.
Visas are not required from citizens of Australian, British, Canadian, European Union, Japanese, and U.S. nations. However, if you will be traveling to Jamaica on business, the application requires the following materials: one passport-sized photo and valid passport, $25 fee plus $5 for return postage expenses, completed application form, proof of sufficient funds, travel itinerary and a letter from your institution or company for students and business professionals. Completing the visa paperwork requires two working days. Consult the your nation’s embassy or the Jamaican embassy for further information on passport and visa requirements and stipulations.

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