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If you are headed to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, then take advantage of the spectacular water sports that they have to offer. A huge part of the tourist attractions here, there is something for everyone.
Become a part of the glorious Jamaican underwater world with a glass bottom boat ride! Unlike anything you have done before, glass bottom boats are a wonderful way to see the bright vibrant fish around Ocho Rios and the unique marine landscape.

Ocho Rios actually has a marine protected area. This area is free from fishing and other activities that may be otherwise harmful to the underwater environment. This area, that extends from Mammee Bay to Drax Hall, and to Frankfurt Point, is nearly 1000 meters deep in some spots and holds some of the most beautiful coral coastline for your viewing pleasure.
All of the glass bottom boat rides have an on board captain and crew, and have all the necessary safety equipment. This is a great idea for families with young children as the kids will never forget what they saw through the bottom of a boat!


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