The Fire Water – Saint Ann – Jamaica

The Fire Water – St. Ann's Bay outside Ocho Rios



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Fire Water is still somewhat a secret location, even to locals who only live a few miles away. The mineral spring is located in the hills parish of St. Ann, which also has some of the best beaches on Jamaica’s northern coast. Situated about half an hour west of the resort town of Ocho Rios, Fire Water is found in a small Rasta community in the hills and was discovered around 80 years ago by a local woman affectionately called Granny May or Auntie.

The spring consists of a number of natural gases, including sulpher which is what appears to give the water its healing properties. This hidden gem is said by some to be able to cure sicknesses such as cataracts, arthritis and even infertility. There are also some who will swear that Fire Water pond is also able to cure cancer.

The pool area has seen some development to make it as pleasant as possible for visitors. The area has been concreted and enclosed in bamboo and tarpaulin and locals stationed there offering the popular “Fire Massage” under the shade of a sprawling guango tree. The locals offering massages will heat the towels over the flames and apply them to areas of the body suffering from aches and pain, or just provide a general massage.


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