The Outameni Experience

The  Outameni Experience is no longer in operation 



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The Outameni Experience is a guided tour through Jamaica’s holistic cultural experience in art, music, dance, film and drama, and authentic Jamaican cuisine, as well as real people representing the island’s various ethnic groups. The complex with six villages is positioned across from an old sugar mill built in 1793, below the Orange Grove Estate Great House. All are set amid local flora, fauna and traditional trees, including the national lignum vitae and the breadfruit trees creating an indigenous Jamaican appeal. This is all topped off by a garden, which includes fever grass, banana, cocoa and June plum, under the watch of the resident donkey and a few goats. In ‘Di Hut’, where the official tour begins, your Time Traveller briefs you on the African rhythm ‘Follow Back a Mi’ that must be chanted by all on tour to appease the rainbow spirits. At the end of the tour, the pathway wends its way to the gift shop, where unique souvenirs, made from material indigenous to Jamaica, are on sale. After that, it’s a beach party treat with two of Jamaica’s Reggae beach bums on ‘Di Beach’. ‘Outameni’ – an unforgettable experience This tour require a minimum of four persons for booking Contact us for pricing and availability

What to take on this tour

(1) Beach Towel (2) Camera (3) Cash for shopping/ Tips (4) Sun Screen

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